Staying In The Country I Love

How Immigration Attorneys Can Help You With Your K1 Visa

You're an American who found the love of your life in a foreign country and can't wait to bring them over to the United States to live with you. Congratulations! 

You can legally bring your new love to America in numerous ways. When you know you want to marry the person, you may choose to apply for a K1 visa. The K1 visa, or fiancé(e) visa, refers to an immigrant visa designed for Americans engaged to marry foreigners. Once the immigrant fiancé(e) marries their partner, they can legally remain in the United States. However, the visa expires after 90 days. If the marriage didn't take place, the immigrant will have to leave or illegally overstay the visa, which can lead to serious consequences. The process may sound easy, but many couples run into expensive and time-consuming roadblocks that end up requiring the assistance of an immigration attorney. Here are a couple of ways an immigration lawyer can help you with your K1 visa. 

1. Initial Legal Counsel 

You probably have questions. Unfortunately, the information online is either too general or too detailed. Who knows if the information you found even applies to you? A lawyer can answer your questions based on your unique situation instead of providing general information. Your immigration lawyer will have very nuanced knowledge about the visa and what to expect with your case, hopefully giving you peace of mind. During your initial consultation, bring a list of your questions and go through them one by one. Be open and honest about criminal convictions, incomes, previous visas, and all other relevant information. Withholding information from your lawyer is one thing. However, withholding information from the government can lead to a denied visa application. 

2. Paperwork Verification

Visa applications require proper completion. You must also submit all the required documentation. Your lawyer will have the experience to ensure that they send in the complete, error-free application. If you fill something out incorrectly or provided a copy of a document instead of the required original copy, you can end up delaying the process even longer than it already takes. 

3. Continued Immigration Law Assitance 

If the visa gets approved, that's great! But, you'll likely still need legal counsel down the road, so it's nice to have a lawyer on hand. They will help you get a green card after you get married (that's an additional process altogether). They will also help you if you decide you want a divorce. 

Traveling across the world for true love may take a lot of time and effort, but an immigration lawyer can help make it a more enjoyable process for everyone.