Staying In The Country I Love

Moving a Foreign Spouse to the United States

Although living in a foreign country can be a great thing to experience, it can be depressing when you have no other choice. For instance, if you married someone from a different country who isn't able to travel to the United States, it could be hard to cope with. The great thing about such a situation is that you have the right to bring him or her to your own country by applying for a spousal visa. The best way to go about the process is help from a family immigration attorney, as a simple mistake can lead to the visa being denied. Below, you are going to find out what an attorney can do to make sure that the immigration process goes smoothly for your spouse.

Determine If There Is a Chance for the Visa to Be Approved

A visa is not something that your spouse is automatically approved for just because you married him or her. The only way that the visa will get approved is if it is clear that the marriage is real and not done for fraudulent reasons. It is also important for you to make enough money to sponsor your spouse financially, or at least know someone who can sponsor him or her if you are unable to.  When you speak to an immigration attorney, he or she will want to know the history of how you and your spouse met, as well as how it led to marriage. You must also let the attorney know if you have met any of your spouse's family, friends, and other important people before or during the marriage.

Gather Evidence That Will Be Needed for the Application

After your attorney has assisted you with the application for the spousal visa, nothing can be done until a sufficient amount of evidence has been obtained. You will be asked to provide photographs of you and your spouse, such as ones that shows the two of you spending time together throughout the history of the relationship. If the two of you met online in the beginning of the relationship, the attorney might ask for phone records, emails, and anything else that proves the seriousness of the relationship before marriage took place. You must also be prepared to give the attorney copies of your financial statements that can prove you are in a position to take care of your spouse after he or she moves to the United States. If you will be using someone else as a sponsor, his or her financial statements will be needed.