Hiring An Experienced Article 116 Lawyer To Recoup German Citizenship

The Second World War continues to have long-lasting consequences on people across the globe. In particular, people whose families lost their German citizenship because of racial, political, or religious affiliations miss living in their home country and wonder if there is anything that can be done to regain their citizenship status again. They may have recourse available to them that may allow them to reclaim citizenship that they and their families lost. [Read More]

Can An Immigrant With Temporary Protected Status Get A Green Card?

About 400,000 immigrants in the United States have temporary protected status, meaning the U.S. government protects them against deportation because they fled their home country due to circumstances like war or natural disaster. Some of these individuals have maintained their temporary protected status for decades because they do not qualify for permanent legal residency, also known as a green card. Does the Manner of Entry Matter? If an immigrant under temporary protected status wants to obtain a green card, they must adjust their status. [Read More]

Why Communication Is Important When Working With An Immigration Attorney

If you are going to be hiring an immigration attorney sometime soon, or if you have already hired one of these attorneys, then you should understand the importance of communication with your lawyer. These are some reasons why communication is so important when you're working with an immigration attorney. Your Attorney Will Need the Right Information First of all, in order to handle your immigration case the right way, your attorney is going to need the right information. [Read More]

Visas And Criminal Convictions: What You Must Know

Looking to get a visa in order to live and work in the United States? The process is typically complex even under the best of circumstances, but what if you have a criminal conviction on your record? This makes the chances of a rejection much more likely, although your application might still be approved, depending on the circumstances. Here is a closer look at an important issue that affects many of those wishing to enter this country. [Read More]