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Hiring An Experienced Article 116 Lawyer To Recoup German Citizenship

The Second World War continues to have long-lasting consequences on people across the globe. In particular, people whose families lost their German citizenship because of racial, political, or religious affiliations miss living in their home country and wonder if there is anything that can be done to regain their citizenship status again.

They may have recourse available to them that may allow them to reclaim citizenship that they and their families lost. When you want to find out if you can regain your German citizenship, you can hire an Article 116 lawyer to represent you and your family.

Exploring the Grounds for Initial Loss

When you hire an Article 116 lawyer, you can investigate the grounds by which your family lost its German citizenship in the first place. The records for this loss may be old and challenging to find. Even more, they might be written in a way that makes them difficult for you and your family to translate.

The Article 116 lawyer, however, can decipher the legal language used in them and find out if you have grounds for using this article to your advantage. They can find out if your family lost citizenship because of religious, racial, or political grounds. If they have, your family may have your Article 116 lawyer file the paperwork in order to ask Germany to reinstate your citizenship and grant you the privileges and responsibilities that go along with it.

Appearing in Court

The German immigration court may also require that you or someone on your family's behalf make at least one, if not several, appearances before the immigration judge. You and others in your family may not necessarily have the time to fly to Germany and appear in court. Instead of missing these court dates, however, you can hire an Article 116 lawyer to appear on your behalf.

Your lawyer might make the trip and argue your family's case in a German court. They may also be able to retain a representative in Germany to appear in court for your case and ask the judge to reinstate the citizenship you and your family lost prior to or during the Second World War.

An Article 116 lawyer can provide important services in your efforts to recoup German citizenship. They can even investigate the reasons for the loss, translate records, and make appearances in German court to argue on behalf of your family.