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Five Ways To Become A Legal Resident With A Green Card In The United States

A green card is issued to those who have been granted permanent residence in the United States. This is an important goal for many people who are here in the United States on a Visa or who wish to immigrate to America. There are several possibilities to achieve this goal. The following are a few of the most common ways to go about this.

You can marry a citizen of the United States

This can be tricky because you will need to have married someone while you were here in the United States legally. However, if entered the country legally, and your visa expired, you may still be able to get a green card, but you will need the help of an attorney. Marrying someone in a foreign country is another path towards a green card, but the process is different because you will still need to enter the U.S. Legally. Either way, the legal residence will only be temporary, and you will be required to verify that your marriage was not due to a desire for legal residence to be issued a permanent green card.

You can get a green card through family reunification

In general, this is for immediate family members of a U.S. citizen. This is defined as one or both parents of the American citizen or the minor children of the citizen. Although it may be possible to bring other family members to the states, individuals who are immediate family members will have the fastest path to receiving a green card.

You can get a green card through political asylum

Receiving a green card in this manner can often be measured in months and not years, but you must first apply and be granted political asylum. What qualifies as asylum can change quickly, so it is critical to speak to a lawyer. You should be able to demonstrate that you face persecution, or harm due to your ethnic group, religion, or political activities.

You can get a green card if you have extraordinary abilities

The United States government places emphasis on people who have extraordinary abilities. If you are in this classification, it will be a priority in issuing approval for permanent residence, so you can contribute to the country. Known as an EB1 visa, you will be able to stay in the country until your application is processed.

You can get a green card through investment

America wants your investment money, so this is another path to permanent residence. If you meet the requirements for this method of immigration, you will be issued an EB5 visa while your application is processed.

If you are looking to obtain permanent residence in the USA, you should consult a green card attorney. They can listen to your specific circumstances, and give you advice on what you will need to do. They understand the current laws, and they can assist in the paperwork that is necessary to apply for a green card.